Who we are?

We are not only a professional consultancy who will help you building yourself on digital platform, we are commited to keep putting oil to keep your lamp burning.

It's not just about designing and coding, it's about building your company's success. We @OOTB, are throughly dedicated to build highly demanding, secure, finished products and to provide rich set of software development and management services.

  • We have the ability to build a system in the most effective and efficient manner
  • System can be used with ease, with less amount of effort and time.
  • We will make sure the system is easy as modifications can be made to extend its functionality, improve its performance, and make it error free.

While entering into a new project everytime, we see it as a challenge towards the building of unique product with seamless execution. Providing the best technical solution to the growing business and make them grow much faster is the mission, vision and culture of OOTB.


The Services We Offer


Provide Requirements

Its time to imagine your ideal world to be and describe the ideas and plans with our team and let us make them clean, neat and clear to build the perfect base towards achieving target.


Set the dates

After have successful gathering of requirments our team will setup the dates on which you can see the process how it is going on. We will make sure that you will be sitting relax and will deliver the phases on your table on or before the date.


Get the design

Very important phase of any development, we will come back with the basic graphical presentaion of your application how it will looks like, obviously as promised on the scheduled date.


Wait for magic

This is the time to sit back relax. Our team will work hard to get your application ready and to build your presence in the digital world.


Get the product

Get your first demo of the application ready. You can try it, use it, feel it. This is the phase where you might get some new ideas in the mind and we have a very welcoming nature for any idea that comes to your mind.


Open to Globe

And that's it! Your application is ready to go live on the globe. Its totally your decision on how to make it roll. We are always with you for so many days after that also. Feel free for any support you need further.


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